Alcohol, Drug, and Firearms Safety

Crossfire Wānaka Terms and Conditions: Alcohol, Drug, and Firearms Safety

We’re delighted to have you as a participant in our activities, and your safety is our top priority. In line with this commitment, please carefully review and adhere to the following essential terms and conditions:

Alcohol and Drug-Free Environment: All our activities are strictly alcohol and drug-free. This policy applies to all participants, regardless of their role in the activity. The possession, consumption, or distribution of alcohol or drugs on the premises is strictly prohibited.

Pre-Activity Sobriety: All participants must arrive at the activity completely free from the influence of alcohol or drugs. The combination of substances and physical activities poses significant risks to safety. Any participant appearing to be under the influence will be denied participation.

Firearms Safety: Our policy aligns with the New Zealand Firearms Safety Code. Consuming alcohol or drugs before or during shooting or when handling firearms (including maintenance) is prohibited. The safe handling of firearms demands complete sobriety. Alcohol impairs judgement, reflexes, balance, coordination, manual dexterity, and vision while amplifying and distorting emotions.

Responsible Conduct: Respect and consideration towards fellow participants, staff members, and the activity environment are paramount. An atmosphere of mutual respect is crucial for the success of our events.

Participant Responsibility: Every participant bears the responsibility for their actions and well-being throughout the activity. Our organisation cannot be held responsible for any incidents, accidents, or undesirable outcomes resulting from alcohol or drug consumption or any related behaviour.

Strict Adherence: Violation of our alcohol, drug, and firearms safety policy will result in immediate denial of participation in the activity without entitlement to a refund or compensation.

By participating, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Your cooperation is vital in creating an environment that prioritises safety, respect, and the shared enjoyment of our activities. Any questions or need for clarification can be directed to us at